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Dermalogica was created by a skin therapist, for skin therapists. It’s the innate understanding of this industry that makes Dermalogica the number one choice of skin therapists worldwide, even on their own skin. They’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years, researching and developing products that challenge industry standards, while never wavering in the support of the skin care professional.
At Dermalogica, their focus has always been on the Professional Skin Therapist. That’s why you’ll find their professional-use-only system is the most robust in the industry – and the most effective for getting real results.
Powerful, potent, and efficacious, Dermalogica products are only authorized for use by Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapists that have completed rigorous instruction and hands-on training. Their professional-use-only products are never made available to the public because of the clinical nature and volatility of the products.
Designed for use by serious professional skin therapists who have completed advanced Dermalogica training, Professional Expert Strength systems comprise maximum-efficacy, expert-use-only formulas and highly-active, potent ingredients. Whether the goal is to resurface the skin or enhance ingredient penetration, these systems are sure to expand your possibilities and give your skin the best results.

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