LED Therapy

This therapy is commonplace in the skin care industry today. Rani uses a device bound with light-emitting diodes.

It works by emitting infrared lights that cause subtle heat and sensitivity changes in different wavelengths and spectrums, which have a culmination of different skin care benefits. Amber light excites collagen and elastin production. Blue light kills bacteria. Red light is most commonly used to promote circulation. This reinforces the fact that Rani's treatments and processes are custom tailored to the individual needs of the client.

She explains that during LED therapy, the diodes send light waves deep into the skin to trigger fundamental intracellular effects. Your skin will react differently to each color of light, just like plants respond differently towards ultra-violet light vs. infrared. For those of you that are concerned that this is the same as sun damage to your skin, understand that this therapy doesn't introduce ultra-violet light, which damages your skin. Instead, we stick to the good light!

There is a lot of science surrounding this fairly simple therapy. From cellular structure improvement to inflammation from cytokines and oil glands, and bacteria destruction from the production of oxygen-based radicals, proper LED therapy can help you. It's a lot different than the LEDs in your phone or TV screen. These are tuned to emit as much light as possible to aid in each area of skin care needed.

Rani can include this therapy in her facials to help with many problems her clients see.

Healthy Skin is it's Own Beauty!

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